Made in the TEXAS

Your new Pool Goalie is a revolutionary device that acts as a guard and defends your pool during all seasons while home or away.

It was designed by pool professionals that service, repair, and build pools. The Pool Goalie was designed to sit on your pool deck while shielding the front of your skimmer thus preventing large debris from entering your system. The result is debris free water in the worst conditions, never clean your skimmer basket, allowing you to rest in your space.



Pool repairs can cost on average from $125 to several hundred dollars each time you call for service. Most cost are due to poor or no circulation of water to your equipment. Pool Goalie helps to reduce those cost by preventing the clogging of your baskets and plumbing system due to debris.
The cost of the pool goalie is less that one service call and will last for years protecting your system.


Pool Goalie's cover acts as a shield standing between your skimmer and debris such as leaves, sticks, toys, and grass clippings that inevitably reduce the flow of water causing overheating, premature bearing wear, impeller clogging, frozen pipes and even complete equipment system failure. 


Designed by pool professionals, Your Pool Goalie provides added protection for your pool equipment in times of severe weather such as storms, winter and heavy winds. You'll never have to worry about your skimmer or pump basket clogging again! The Pool Goalie will protect your baskets and equipment while your away.
Your Pool Goalie is designed to allow clean clear fresh, debris free water to your equipment. Clean water is always pulled from UNDER water line surface. Debris free! 
You will love your new Pool Goalie, and It WILL save you time and MONEY!